Jared A. Brown, Esq.



Jared obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration from The George Washington University School of Business, before receiving his Juris Doctor from University of Toledo College of Law. After law school, he became a Member of the Maryland Bar, and focused on Estate Planning.   

Prior to receiving his degrees, Jared and his brother, Justin, had founded an internet startup company, Net Ventures, Inc., that focused on the travel industry (and later on book sales as well). Jared used his business and legal experiences to expand his Estate Planning practice, and acted as a Business Transactional consultant to various venture capital companies.   

In 2011, Jared joined the Law Office of Peter Cameron, APC, in San Diego, California as an "Of Counsel" Attorney to handle the firm's Business Transactional matters. At the firm, he wrote and reviewed contracts, brokered business sales, and registered trademarks for clients.   

In 2013, Jared, having already set-up multiple business entities, formed a real estate investment team with his brother and business colleague, Justin. Subsequently, the two decided to merge legal competencies and practices to form Brown Brothers Law, LLP.